Introducing Children’s Picture Books by Simon Dorey

Simon Dorey began his writing adventure by telling stories to his three children. Over the last twenty years, he has written down these stories, revised them, re-revised them, and made up a whole lot more. Make story time more lively by adding Mr. Dorey’s adventurous e-books to your bookshelf.


Explore the Stories

Make storytime more lively by adding Mr. Dorey’s adventures to your bookshelf.

The Soxies!

If you've ever wondered what happens to socks when they don't come back from the washing machine read on!

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Cheese Feet

Aubrey and Danisha’s feet are so smelly that drastic actions must be taken to stop the smell. After much effort, along comes Monsieur Fromage. Will he save the day (and the neighborhood)?

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Dragons Bridge

The Dragon lurking under the bridge makes crossing the river a dangerous trip. Can Holly and Priya solve the problem?

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The Outstanding Little Picture Book

The Outstanding little Picture Book knows it's his destiny to be published, but he gets rejected by publishers and agents time after time.
As his hopes and dreams keep fading away, will he ever make his dream come true?

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Conrad's Cool Drool

Conrad’s drooling is messy, but what happens when Conrad and his brother Linden discover some unusual properties of Conrad’s Cool Drool?

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